English Tea Party Guide

How to

Last week, I hosted an English Tea Party for my friends in honor of my name day. In this blog post I decided to share my suggestions for those who want to host an English Tea Party themselves 🙂

  1. Set up a time for the party. Usual tea o’clock for an ETP is 3PM, or any other time at the late afternoon.
  2. Be sure to send invitations for your party. Of course it is better to keep traditions and to post invitations by mail, but when it’s only a week or so left, you can simply create a digital invitation with the help of any visual editor and send it to your friends via any social platform, or create a Facebook event page. Put all the necessary information about the time and place, and let guests know about the dress code.
  3. ETP is all about the elegance. Prepare your best vintage tea-set, make sure every guest has a napkin in a napkin ring, decorate the room with flowers, England related things (it could be from cupcake decoration to souvenirs), vintage books and postcards, retro decor… But do not overdo with this! Keep it elegant & simple.
  4. Prepare a drink menu and be sure to have a variety of drinks to offer – tea, coffee, juices, maybe even champagne or a glass of wine after the main tea ceremony as the party progresses. Be sure to have enough hot water in the kettle during all the party.
    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
  5. Place hand written name cards for each guest or prepare a seating plan if you are waiting for a lot of guests to attend your ETP.
  6. An ETP starts with tea sandwiches (usually in a triangle form) and savoury finger foods, and then it goes to more sweet part with small tea cakes, chocolate candies, brownies, and tasty biscuits. Serve the food on cakes stands (bottom for savoury food and the top for everything sweet) and beautiful vintage plates. Be sure to have sugar bowls, milk creamers and small jam/honey jars.
  7. Plan the evening, if necessary, prepare board games or a film to watch together after the main ceremony. If you wish, prepare small tea-related gifts for your guests.
  8. Drink tea and enjoy a slow afternoon together with your friends!
    + don’t forget to take a lot of photographs and a Boomerang gift video of everyone clinking their tea cups! 🙂


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