Valentine’s Day

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Hello everybody!

Valentine’s Day has just passed. I really like this holiday, and for me it is a day of Love in all its forms and variations, not just a boy’s and a girl’s thing. Love is everything, and it is beautiful.

Never in my life have I felt myself alone or loveless on the Valentine’s – I have my family, my amazing friends, the things I love with all my heart, so why should I ask for some silly presents from a secret admirer just to make other girls envy?

On the morning I opened my postbox and found a letter from Estonia with a Valentine’s card from my best friend. I was so enormously happy and surprised, especially when I read it! This really made my day, and I am still constantly looking on the card on my nightstand.

This year it was such a sunny and beautiful V-day, so I decided to put on my favorite skirt and to visit my friends with heart shaped candies, Love Is bubble gums, and a cocktail Mason jar with a heart on it as a gift. It’s a Friend’s day in Finland after all! And it is such a little thing to do to make your close ones smile 🙂

I decided to treat myself with some new cosmetics, so we went to NYX and bought some pretty goods. Finally I found a perfect matte red lipstick and a matching lipliner, as well as bought incredibly beautiful eye shadows from the Lingerie series.

We should never forget to love ourselves and to do small things to make ourselves feel beautiful and happy!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

For this Valentine’s I also got a lot of flowers, and received a pack of face masks (oommgg) from Selfie Laboratory as a gift. It’s a relatively new Belorussian brand, and I really liked their packing – in each there are four pockets with a napkin for hands, two for the face (before and after the procedure), and a mask itself. How mindful and smart it is!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

And what about your Valentine’s? ❤


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