Tallinn trip number 394844757


Last week I visited Tallinn for… thirty-something’th time. I really can’t count how many times I have been there!

From the first minutes I felt like I’ve never left this place, like all the things that happened since my last trip in December never took place.

It is really a long story why I LOVE Tallinn, and it obviously requests a separate blog post, so let me share what places I visited and what I did during my stay.

Tallinn Botanic Garden & Orchid Exhibition

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Sigmund Freud Bar

I am totally in love with this place! First of all (and most obvious), I admire Sigmund Freud, as well as have devoted many academic works on him and psychoanalysis. Second, the drink menu is fantastic and totally NOT typical – you will spend a quite long time studying the huge variety of cocktails. Me and my best friend Julia have agreed upon a tradition – every time I’m in Tallinn we go to Freud and grab a different drink! I also like the interior and the atmosphere. Unfortunately, I have never been here at a busy time, but would like to see this place being full of people. By the way, if you didn’t know, I enjoy loud places, when there are a lot of people and every one is having fun. Of course, in a decent way 😀

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Vintage Factory

Our friend Artyom joined us for a drink and a talk in this cosy place. Here you can listen to some pretty 80s-90s music, and they even play Depeche Mode and have Trump menu lol!

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Tallinn Airport

Then we went watching arrival of airplanes near the airport. My Goood, I haven’t felt so happy for a long time – it seemed like at the very moment all world happiness was concentrated in one particular place. We screamed, we waved, we clapped, we sang Friday I’m In Love. Oh how I wish to be there again 😦



The hipster heaven. This time it turned out that in design shops they are selling… Latvian design, cosmetics, and sweets 😀 total home-like feeling. Wish to visit Telliskivi on a warm summer evening.

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Apelsini Raudtee

Tasty tea and cheesecake, but VERY small selection of food. Quite expensive for an afternoon tea&cake. Yet, cosy place and nice interior.

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Now I am madly missing this amazing city! Hope you enjoyed my post 🙂 have you ever been in Tallinn? And what are your favorite places here?

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* I am wearing:
QooQoo, Zara, H&M, Paul’s Boutique London.

One thought on “Tallinn trip number 394844757

  1. I have also been to Tallinn a zillion times! But I have never visited the gardens or that cocktail bar, both go on my list 😊


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