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How could it be Nirika’s personal blog without Muse in it?

This March I am celebrating TEN years of being a pwoper Muser. It all started when I accidentally saw a street advertisement with three handsome British guys in suits (“they look so interesting”) and  one acquaintance with a really good music taste said that she is going to their concert, so I decided to check them. The first song I listened to was their cover on Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, and gosh, I totally fell in love with Muse… And now it’s been ten years, four concerts, and nine thousand scrobbled songs on Itunes only.

I have seen them live four times, and for me it is still quite a small number 😀 so, here is the list of the happiest days ever:

17.07.2010 @ Salacgriva, Positivus Festival
(totally indescribable experience of seeing your most favorite band for the first time)

13.12.2012 @ Arena Riga

14.06.2016 @ Hartwall Arena, Helsinki
(by so far the best show for me)

16.06.2016 @ Arena Riga

At all gigs I was in the front row, the exception is the second one in which I was standing in the second row, yet with quite good view. Every single Muse concert for me is an endless experience of happiness, tears of joy and hysteria. I guess there is no bigger Happiness with capital H for me than some two hours of seeing and hearing Muse 😀 I could say that this is really the Love of my life. Every single friend and even acquaintance associate me with Muse, and when hear them immediately remember me haha. It’s simply ma-ma-madness.

I am a real Muser with a proper MUSEum at my bedroom. So, take a look inside!

Entrance to my room is my “wall of pride” – it exhibits all my tickets to Muse gigs & related events. My room is also decorated with Muse photographs, posters, souvenirs etc.

These are my collectibles: shirts, calendars, books, albums, Iphone / PC cases, Coca Cola bottle, Dom’s drumstick, Matt’s guitar copy with his authentic guitar pic….

FullSizeRender 3

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Some of my magazine clippings, Matt’s portrait from my friend Alina (mine is too weird to share with lol) with Drones confetti, Matt’s guitar copy w/ his mediator, and a shopping bag.

Custom made calendar, a gift from Kate & Alex.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

A drawing of me and Matt on our way to London.


And my favorite picture of myself before my last Muse concert 🙂

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Music is everything.


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