April new love… I mean, music


Spring is all about everything new and beautiful.
If March was marked as the month of new beauty product, then this April definitely is the month of new releases and new discovered music.

So, in this blogpost I want to share my top 5 April music:

1. This is my top of the top April song – I cannot stop listening to it and cannot stop singing it even inside my head. Absolutely magnificent and beautiful. The title is now among my favorite mottos together with “escape the ordinary” and “life is an infinite adventure”.

2. There is a Russian saying “с пелёнок”, meaning something you do from your childhood or as how long you remember yourself. Thus, Depeche Mode is my favorite band “from the cradle”, and after so many years I can hardly be amazed with any cover. Until the day when I heard this song:

3. It’s not a secret that I am totally in love with these amazing Leicester guys, and, with no doubt, I felt in love with this song immediately from the first seconds. Now it’s on my “sing and dance at the kitchen” setlist 😀 and how is it possible not to start action while listening to it?!

4. A natural continuation to KI Theory’s cover – my love Depeche Mode. Yes, this song was released much earlier this year, but Goood, I listened to it this month for like million times! I didn’t expect much from the new album after the last one, especially taking to the account my devotion to their early oeuvre, but Spirit is a completely perfect release.

5. At the end, something totally unexpected in my playlist. A thanks goes to IL for recommendation!

And what did you listen to this April? 🙂


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