Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Riga, 27.07.17

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And this, kids, is how I met Red Hot Chili Peppers:

A month ago I was walking home from my work-related meeting. On my way I decided to walk past a hotel in which, as I saw from social media a day before, stayed legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was simply walking, listening to By The Way in my earphones, I didn’t have any make-up on my face, I even had a run in my tights! I had no piece of paper or a pen with me to ask for an autograph. As I reached the hotel I noticed three big black cars near it, as well as a trio waiting for RHCP. I without any hesitation asked one guy if he has an extra paper to share with me and another if he can owe me a pen. Several minutes later I understood that it was a right decision to pass this place by, as Chad Smith – the drummer – went outside. He was extremely friendly and said that he likes my Gustav Klimt IPhone case. I was just standing there completely shocked 😀 Like, I was simply going home, and here is a guy from RHCP and he even speaks to me, like how can it be possible?!
So, my big evening plans – to go home, take a bath, do makeup, properly dress up, have a dinner, and slowly go downtown to meet my friends, and, most important, to buy a ticket to the show (due to several circumstances I was waiting for the last day to buy it) – were ruined. But, wait for it, it was legendary!

After some 15-20 minutes I also met Flea – the bassist. He was less friendly and open than Chad, but still it was a “wow” moment. And what a photograph! Thanks to local media photographer who was hiding in a cafe 🙂


So, after such a luck I decided – what ever, I need to see Anthony Kiedis! Indeed, it was a little bit nervous and tiresome, as it took two more hours of waiting. Especially when it is only a few hours left before the show, you still don’t have a ticket, need to go home to make yourself prepared, and to meet your friends. As I waited near the hotel I made friends with amazing fans from Russia and Lithuania. It’s probably one of my most favorite things about concerts – to make friends with everyone around me 😀 I also didn’t give up on the waiting as all the team was moving out from the hotel with all the luggages and stuff, which meant that Kiedis is on his way as well.

God, it was such a beautiful moment, when after two hours of waiting he appeared in the hotel’s window, driving his kick scooter in our direction. Anthony himself came to us, hugged a boy, who was holding a Californication vinyl, said that he wouldn’t give any autographs or photos, and while saying “I just wanted to say hello” grabbed my hand to shake it!! It was simply DAJNCKAJSCNASJSAJKNommggg. Anthony was very friendly – he may not look so on the pictures, but he actually is really amazing! After it I ran mad to buy the ticket and to get prepared.


After this totally amazing experience I was waiting for a mega show. We came some 20 minutes before the show, and our first “location” was pretty ok, not close to the stage, but at least I had an opportunity to see it. 1 minute before the show some tall girls stood in front of me and I saw NOTHING. When I heard the first seconds of Can’t Stop I asked one of my friends to lift me up and I watched several songs sitting on his back. After it I decided to move a little bit, and as I made a step to the right a random guy came to me and said that he can lift me up and I can sit on his shoulders 😀 so I did for the half of the gig! It then turned out that he came in a big company of friends from Lithuania, all the girls wanted to be friends with me, and when the guy went to grab a drink or something I danced with these girls to Californication. Totally unforgettable moment! I then went to stand near the fan zone, where I could actually see something from my height. And suddenly… the gig ended. After only hour and a half.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

If to be honest, I have mixed feelings about the concert. I liked the setlist, I liked the sound, the quality, Chad’s Star Wars suit. I even felt like listening to my IPod. But I didn’t get the whole emotions from the performance. As if they wanted to finish everything faster and to go further. Also the whole concert felt over priced – 70 euros for a… name? I paid the same price before only for Robbie Williams and Muse in Helsinki, but both these concerts were every single cent worth it!

Yet, I am completely happy and would never forget this day!
Looking forward for new adventures 🙂

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