Depeche Mode @ The O2, London, 22.11.17

Concerts, London, Music

Dreams come true in London – I have seen one of my most favorite bands in the whole music world – Depeche Mode – for the second time. And not simply somewhere, but at the amazing O2 Arena!

The O2 is totally unbelievable and amazing venue – organization and security are at the highest level, the whole venue looks like a shopping mall or an airport with shops, bars, and restaurants, everything is modern, as well as clean. Thanks to the amazing London Transport system, it took me only 20 minutes to get there from home, and at the North Greenwich Station concert goers were greeted by buskers playing Personal Jesus ❤

For the first time since I-don’t-remember-how-long-ago I’ve been in the seating area. But look at this view!!:


Depeche Mode has been amazing as always, playing all my favorite songs with energy, passion, and love. I was crying a lot, especially when they came to the stage and, of course, during the Enjoy the Silence – my most favorite song in the whole universe and the soundtrack of my London life. The previous time I saw them in Riga I was very close to heart attack during this song, climbed the fence and was waving and jumping, which made me being noticed by Dave Gahan.


No words could ever describe my appreciation of Depeche Mode, their music, Martin Gore’s incredible talent and imagination, and of the fact that after so many years they are still together and produce new qualitative music that can vie with their 80s and 90s anthems. I gave myself totally to them and music that unforgettable night. Music is the best therapy. It is simply everything.

I also really liked the audience – no one around me was consuming alcohol like crazy, no hustling, swearing, and inappropriate behavior that are common in Riga. Lovely company seating near me asked if I wanna stand with them and dance. The security guys were very friendly and helpful. I still can see in nightmares Arena Riga security, which doesn’t allow to have a piece of paper with you or put your bag on the fence. Cultural shock everywhere 😀 And audience totally went crazy during Everything Counts!!

When the show was over it appeared that my sector is just above the dressing room, so I ran towards the end, hanged down from the fence, and there was Dave Gahan – chilling in his robe, talking to his friends. I cried DAAAVE DAAAAAAVVVEEE ahahaha like a real fangirl (which I am), and before leaving he showed me a victory hand✌️OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOD. I even shouted something like bye-bye to him 😀 After my success of being greeted by Dave already for the second time in my life I tried to find an exit from the seating area to parter to look for some souvenirs. Unfortunately, there was no such exit (at least from my side). At the dead end I asked a security guy if there is any setlist, and he answered “no”. I remained at this spot and after some minutes he secretly gave me THIS:


God bless you!! It doesn’t matter that the setlist is from another show – it even means that this piece of paper was with Depeche Mode at least 4 days! I hid my treasure and left the arena almost crying out of joy and happiness. I even wasn’t angry about London Overground canceling all last trains from Stratford – life seemed so beautiful to me.

Oh how I wish to see Depeche Mode again… reach out and touch Dave!


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