How I Met Stefan Olsdal from Placebo

Concerts, London, Music

Farewell, 2017! You were truly amazing, as my biggest dream – to move to London – finally came true! ❤ I also had a lot of great moments, saw Depeche Mode and Red Hot Chili Peppers, achieved a lot of goals, finished my Master studies, got a job, had projects, made memories!

I know I became quite rare with my blog post, you know, life (especially working life) in L. is very busy, but I’ll do my best to post more often!

So, I’d like to devote my very first blog post in 2018 to a very special day in my life – November 25, 2017.

To begin with, I’ve been a big fan of Placebo for 12 years, which makes a half of my life. Through these years Placebo and their music was always with me, in any period of my life, be it sad or happy.  I cannot understand people who say that Placebo’s music is depressing. They probably know only one song and judge by it. I myself think that Placebo have a song for every possible emotion and feeling a human can experience. I’ve been to three gigs and each was magical and unique for me. I’ve been smiling like mad at each concert and cried out of happiness and joy.

On November 25 I was blessed to meet Stefan Olsdal in person – first, at the Q&A session after the film screening of their movie Placebo: ALT. Russia, and then at the cinema hall. Stefan is a very lovely and generous person. He is very shy indeed, but even though he is not obliged to, he devoted his time and attention to the fans. The movie and the way how Stefan approached artists featured in the documentary showed his true nature – passionate, attentive, and totally not spoiled with fame and money.

As the film was about Placebo’s tour in Russia and they mentioned that they love Russian fans, I told Stefan “спасибо” (Thanks in Russian) as he was signing my flyer, and he answered to me СПАСИБО, how is it even possible??!! I was shaking like mad though. I could never imagine something like just going to see a movie and meeting someone you admire that much. Dreams really come true in London! I also met the director of the movie, Charlie Targett-Adams, who appeared to live near my area. Living in one city with so many talented and amazing people is still unbelievable!IMG_2477IMG_2480

Looking forward to what 2018 will bring ❤


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