Dreamy spring in London

London, Personal entries

Take a deep breath – spring is finally in London…

London Barbican

This spring is a special one. Even through it started with anomaly snowy and cold weather, warmth and happiness was inside my heart. I am spending this spring in my most favorite city, for the first time ❤ being recently for a visit in Riga, I more and more understood that I am in the right place in my life.

The first day of this spring I spent taking pictures of a lovely JCI London Gala Dinner.

On 15th of March Rebecca got us tickets to see Placebo in June, which would be my fourth gig and fifth time of seeing them.

17th of March marked 6 months – half a year – since I moved to London.

On 29th of March I left my Digital Marketing & E-Commerce job at Anatomic Shoes due to relocation of the office outside of London.

However, I returned from my home trip on 5th of April to start my new E-Commerce job at UGG, which I fully enjoy.

I brought from Riga my Muse collection and “souvenirs” from gigs to London, which from now makes Hackney my home officially #fangirlinlondon

I met naughty boy Tinkerbells ❤

I had a dream of meeting Alex Turner on a tube station. He was all about to go on stairs with a guitar on his back, when I grabbed his hand and said that he cannot go anywhere without a picture with me. Next day I was wearing an Arctic Monkeys jumper, wondering if I can meet Alex in Kensington, and later that day found an article stating he was spotted in a pub near Victoria Park on the bonfire night – the night I was there. And the next morning… Arctic Monkeys after four years announced the UK tour… and I got tickets… Maybe I am still dreaming?!

Looking forward, I am expecting a weekend gateway soon and more opportunities to show off all my pretty dresses in the beautiful city called London ❤


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