Birchbox UK: review (May’18 & July’18)

Makeup & Skincare

After few months of following on social media I finally subscribed to one of the most popular beauty boxes in the UK – Birchbox.

Most important, I liked the idea of getting and trying new skincare and makeup products from different brands, including well-known names like Rituals… and Lumene, and not spending long hours in Boots while selecting essentials – I literally spend an hour once selecting a sun cream! Also, since I moved to London and throw away a lot of my cosmetics, I needed an update to my makeup bag.

As Birchbox quite often has pretty good offers for new subscribers, I used a promo code to receive a July box plus a surprise mystery box from previous months. So I got two beauty boxes with 10 new products for only £12.95!


I was absolutely amazed to receive things that I really needed and wanted to buy – an eyeliner, powder, dry deodorant, body scrub, and a new lipstick!
Did they read my mind?!

Even through Birchbox really guessed a lot of things that I needed, I felt like my beauty profile (you create one after placing your first order) wasn’t taken into account fully. For instance, I got an anti-ageing cream. C’mon, I am only (almost) a quarter of a century old! I also read reviews of girls who received creams not suitable for their skin color. I myself also didn’t like receiving hair products, as I don’t use them that much, but it’s not that big deal after all 🙂 my friends will like them though!

I am still testing all the products, but nevertheless I can definitely say that I enjoy Birchbox! Regardless of some little nuances, it’s a great opportunity to try new products for an amazing price.

Products in the beauty boxes:


Luscious Lip Stain by Doucce
* I like the color and that it doesn’t leave lip prints on my coffee mugs, but as it dries fast it requires patience while applying!

Geranium & Peppermint Botanical Bodywash by Greenfrog Botanic
* This was my least favorite product – it doesn’t foam at all and the smell isn’t that great

Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm by Native Unearthed
* Really liked the balm, and it seems to work perfectly! Not tested during the abnormal heath though, but my skin was dry after taking Central (Sauna) Line that day

New Age Precision 8-in-1 Power Serum by Marcelle
* Giving it to my mum 🙂

Skinny Liquid Eyeliner by Eyeko
* Seems a very good product to finally start learning to do the eyelining!


Long-Wear Powder by Manna Kadar
* Not tested yet, but I really was in need of one!

Nose Patch by Joliderm
* Not tested yet, but will after I try a nose patch from another brand

Shower Scrub by What’s In It For Me…?
* I want hundred liters of this product now! It’s soooo amazing – the smell, the texture, my skin after. Why did it came in a sample size…?

Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk by Klorane
* Not tested yet, but the brand left me a nice comment on Instagram 🙂 even through I’m not into hair products that much, seems to be a good thing to try on a busy morning when you have only a few moments for your hair

Congested Skin Serum by Balance Me
* Amazing product and worked even on my capricious skin – a tiny spot was gone the next day!

Price: £12.95 per month
Includes: 5 sample/travel size beauty products with often inclusion of full size products or products with a higher RRP price than the price of subscription
Cancel any time
And did I mention that almost all products are natural and cruelty free…?


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