Arctic Monkeys @ The O2, London, 09.09.2018

Concerts, Music

Last Sunday my dream came true. I saw Arctic Monkeys live.

We sang together 505 and Do I Wanna Know. Four years ago I listened to these songs for hours, feeling every word and line with my heart. On Sunday I cried during both of the songs. And they even invited Miles Kane to play with them a song about all that miles away, imagination, and arms “around my neck”. Arctic Monkeys have always been for me about London and love. Alex Turner really knows how to tug at my heartstrings.It’s a little bit sad that I wasn’t close to the stage, but this day is a history book worth for me anyway.

I enjoyed the setting, Alex in a suit (I liked his hair during AM times more though ahaha), classy chilly atmosphere, and mix of oldies & anthems with completely new stuff.

Also, I absolutely and purely LOVE new album Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino and I was so sad to see people sitting down saying “meh, it’s new stuff again…”. It doesn’t sound like Mardy Bum, Teddy Picker or R U Mine, but it shows Alex and his Talent from a completely different angle. And I love all these themes and concepts behind the album and music videos, which makes it MORE than just another indie record.

I still cannot believe this REALLY happened to me & am looking forward to seeing Arctic Monkeys again ❤

Moi getting ready for a date with my husband-to-be Alexander David Turner

I love North Greenwich station! Just look at these cool banners!!

The one and only – the O2!


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