Arctic Monkeys @ The O2, London, 09.09.2018

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Last Sunday my dream came true. I saw Arctic Monkeys live.

We sang together 505 and Do I Wanna Know. Four years ago I listened to these songs for hours, feeling every word and line with my heart. On Sunday I cried during both of the songs. And they even invited Miles Kane to play with them a song about all that miles away, imagination, and arms “around my neck”. Arctic Monkeys have always been for me about London and love. Alex Turner really knows how to tug at my heartstrings.

Placebo @ Royal Festival Hall, London, 17.06.16

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Placebo is an important part of myself for already twelve years, which also makes a half of my life. With no doubt their music has constructed me as a person, and I can find any existing spectrum of emotions in it, maybe even more. It’s cosmic.

Brian and Stefan are not simply musicians – after so many years, four concerts, and meeting in person, to me they are like siblings-in-law in the marriage to music. There are no words ever to describe how blessed I feel. Yesterday I was united with music, love, and universe, going completely mad with every single song. And oh God, they started the gig with Pure Morning……

P.S. …I also touched the setlist…

Post about previous Placebo concert in Riga at 2016 (RUS)
How I met Stefan Olsdal

How I Met Stefan Olsdal from Placebo

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Farewell, 2017! You were truly amazing, as my biggest dream – to move to London – finally came true! ❤ I also had a lot of great moments, saw Depeche Mode and Red Hot Chili Peppers, achieved a lot of goals, finished my Master studies, got a job, had projects, made memories!

I know I became quite rare with my blog post, you know, life (especially working life) in L. is very busy, but I’ll do my best to post more often!

So, I’d like to devote my very first blog post in 2018 to a very special day in my life – November 25, 2017.

To begin with, I’ve been a big fan of Placebo for 12 years, which makes a half of my life. Through these years Placebo and their music was always with me, in any period of my life, be it sad or happy.  I cannot understand people who say that Placebo’s music is depressing. They probably know only one song and judge by it. I myself think that Placebo have a song for every possible emotion and feeling a human can experience. I’ve been to three gigs and each was magical and unique for me. I’ve been smiling like mad at each concert and cried out of happiness and joy.

Depeche Mode @ The O2, London, 22.11.17

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Dreams come true in London – I have seen one of my most favorite bands in the whole music world – Depeche Mode – for the second time. And not simply somewhere, but at the amazing O2 Arena!

The O2 is totally unbelievable and amazing venue – organization and security are at the highest level, the whole venue looks like a shopping mall or an airport with shops, bars, and restaurants, everything is modern, as well as clean. Thanks to the amazing London Transport system, it took me only 20 minutes to get there from home, and at the North Greenwich Station concert goers were greeted by buskers playing Personal Jesus ❤

For the first time since I-don’t-remember-how-long-ago I’ve been in the seating area. But look at this view!!:


Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Riga, 27.07.17

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And this, kids, is how I met Red Hot Chili Peppers:

A month ago I was walking home from my work-related meeting. On my way I decided to walk past a hotel in which, as I saw from social media a day before, stayed legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was simply walking, listening to By The Way in my earphones, I didn’t have any make-up on my face, I even had a run in my tights! I had no piece of paper or a pen with me to ask for an autograph. As I reached the hotel I noticed three big black cars near it, as well as a trio waiting for RHCP. I without any hesitation asked one guy if he has an extra paper to share with me and another if he can owe me a pen. Several minutes later I understood that it was a right decision to pass this place by, as Chad Smith – the drummer – went outside. He was extremely friendly and said that he likes my Gustav Klimt IPhone case. I was just standing there completely shocked 😀 Like, I was simply going home, and here is a guy from RHCP and he even speaks to me, like how can it be possible?!
So, my big evening plans – to go home, take a bath, do makeup, properly dress up, have a dinner, and slowly go downtown to meet my friends, and, most important, to buy a ticket to the show (due to several circumstances I was waiting for the last day to buy it) – were ruined. But, wait for it, it was legendary!

My concerts

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It’s not a secret that I am totally addicted to music. I cannot imagine my life and myself as a person without my music and live concerts. I simply cannot function without it!

The love of my life is rock music and I am completely devoted to it. As sang by Kiss, God gave rock’n’roll to you! I also like indie, alternative & the stuff, and my guilty pleasure is 80s and 90s music.

I consider music taste as being the most attractive thing in the world – my Prince Charming simply must have a perfect music taste!

I have tried to master drums and even have sung in a choir, and I think I’d like to master music so it could be something more serious than my daily singing practice with a frying pan in my hand.

Short story long, let me present you
My pride or the list of the artists I’ve seen alive

Placebo @ Riga, 22.10.16

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 В субботу был мой третий концерт Placebo, группы, которую я бесконечно люблю уже 10 лет. Я не из тех людей, которые считают их музыку исключительно депрессивной – у любого артиста можно найти очень грустные и чувственные композиции. Placebo для меня, в первую очередь, группа, которая была со мной всегда, и в песнях которой я могу найти любой спектр эмоций. Конечно, стоит отметить, что мой прошлый их концерт на Позитивусе был невероятно счастливый и полностью отображал название фестиваля – я прыгала и орала без остановки с самого первого аккорда до прощального поклона. Вчерашний концерт начался с невероятно прекрасного клипа-архива Every You and Every Me, на котором я уже сорвала голос, а сам концерт начался с моей #placebodream – Pure Morning, на которой моя тушь показала всю свою стойкость. А дальше… Было как-то грустно. Как сказала Аня, был целый блок душераздирающих песен, на которых плакали нетолько мы, но и у самого Брайана глаза были на мокром месте. Тем не менее, концерт был невероятный, и было просто unreal слушать вживую Protect Me From What I Want, Nancy Boy (с радужной гитарой и “Riga, this is for you”), Soulmates Never Die, Running Up That Hill, да и вообще все настолько любимые и родные песни. Without You I’m Nothing, посвящённая Дэвиду Боуи, тронула меня до глубины души. И да, для меня концерт был нетолько ретроспективой их творчества, но в какой-то степени и меня самой. Брайан Молко такой же прекрасный, как в мои 13 лет. Жду обратно!
P.S. И да, я была, как обычно, “там где я должна быть” 😀


Adventure of the lifetime

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Большой пост о том как я в 11ый раз побывала в Хельсинки и посетила два концерта Muse подряд.

Всё началось с того, что ещё в сентябре я купила билет на (тот момент) последний концерт Drones tour’а в Хельсинки. Даже сама покупка билетов была нервная – на препродаже для фан-клуба мне не хватило стоячих мест, и в день официальной продажи я встала рано и ровно в 9 утра открыла покупку билета. У меня какое-то время не шла карта, и система меня выкидывала, но в 9:05 билет уже был мой, и вместе с ним я увидела, что все стоячие места уже sold out! После этого я, конечно, долго орала и плакала, т.к. последний раз видела свою самую любимую группу аж в 2012 году. А ещё я шесть лет мечтала увидеть их именно в своём самом любимом городе. И день концерта выпал как раз на то время, когда я обычно езжу в Хельсинки! Просто сказка 🙂

В феврале же Muse объявили концерт в Риге, через день после Хельсинки. Не задумываясь, я купила билет ещё на предпродаже для членов фан клуба. Потому что только в мечтах бывают два концерта Muse подряд!

Дальше было достаточно нервное время, т.к. пришлось просить некоторых университетских преподавателей перенести экзамены, писать все работы на много раньше дэдлайнов, а ещё моя любимая бабушка умерла за три недели до первого концерта.

Но не смотря на все трудности, мы решились поехать.