#fangirl in London: The Sherlock Holmes Museum

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Last October my #fangirl dream came true, as I finally got to visit 221B Baker Street – the home of Sherlock Holmes. Those who know me pretty well can tell that I myself am Sherlock Holmes in a skirt – my deduction is splendid, I can guess almost anything by just one clue, and I can literally find any information about anyone. Not mentioning my big love to Arthur Conan Doyle’s literal canon and Sherlock BBC series (with stunning London scenery, of course)!

Indeed, the world’s most famous address was on my Top to-visit list as I moved to London. So I took the initiative and organised a Sherlock Holmes museum visit for New London Girls just like me.

Sherlock Holmes Museum 221B Baker Street

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#fangirl in London: Ziggy Stardust Plaque

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For a #fangirl like me there is always a place to visit in London. Such a culturally and historically significant city has not only classical tourist attractions, but also destinations to different music, arts, and cinema lovers.

As a person, who can speak for hours about things that she LOVES, likes all the stuff around and about her interests, and have different plans for every weekend, I’ve come up with an idea of a series of posts about #fangirl places in London – a street from a popular movie, a setting from a classic English book, a tube station from an Instagram picture of a famous musician… Believe me, I have a long-long to-visit list!

Thus, I am dedicating the first post to Ziggy Stardust plaque in Mayfair. Located in a quiet place just near Regent’s Street and Piccadilly Circus, 15 Heddon Street is the place that appeared on David Bowie’s first conceptual album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972). It is also denoted as the place “where David Bowie’s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, first arrived on Earth”.

Ziggy Stardust

46 years later, the place looks quite different – the walls are painted, there are a lot of fancy cafes around, and K.West sign (nothing to do with Kaney West though) is changed with a commemorative plaque for Ziggy Stardust.Fangirl in London Ziggy Stardust Plaque

15 Heddon St, Mayfair, London W1B

Nearest tube station: Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus

Bridesmaid’s look

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Finally received photographs from Ju&Max Wedding ❤
As I already had a blog post about this lovely day, I decided to dedicate this mainly photographic post to my look for the wedding. In a nutshell, the idea was to create the look close to my ideal bride’s appearance. You know, I’m not an ordinary girl and I need everything to be creative, original and stylish as much as possible 😀 I will not share my dream dress here – who knows, maybe my future husband is reading this blog entry right now, but it’s a bad luck for a groom to see the wedding dress before the Big day 😀
So, let me present you Nirika the bridesmaid:ART_0866

My Helsinki (10-15.07)


It’s been my 12th time in my fav city. I am totally in love with Helsinki! I love every single corner of this city. I love these smiling people, I love how nature meets the urban space. I love waking up to breathe the sea and watch squirrels on the trees. I love the atmosphere, I simply love being here. It makes me feel happy in various ways, and I hate how it makes me feel when leaving.

Suomenlinna Helsinki

Tallinn trip number 394844757


Last week I visited Tallinn for… thirty-something’th time. I really can’t count how many times I have been there!

From the first minutes I felt like I’ve never left this place, like all the things that happened since my last trip in December never took place.

It is really a long story why I LOVE Tallinn, and it obviously requests a separate blog post, so let me share what places I visited and what I did during my stay.

Adventure of the lifetime

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Большой пост о том как я в 11ый раз побывала в Хельсинки и посетила два концерта Muse подряд.

Всё началось с того, что ещё в сентябре я купила билет на (тот момент) последний концерт Drones tour’а в Хельсинки. Даже сама покупка билетов была нервная – на препродаже для фан-клуба мне не хватило стоячих мест, и в день официальной продажи я встала рано и ровно в 9 утра открыла покупку билета. У меня какое-то время не шла карта, и система меня выкидывала, но в 9:05 билет уже был мой, и вместе с ним я увидела, что все стоячие места уже sold out! После этого я, конечно, долго орала и плакала, т.к. последний раз видела свою самую любимую группу аж в 2012 году. А ещё я шесть лет мечтала увидеть их именно в своём самом любимом городе. И день концерта выпал как раз на то время, когда я обычно езжу в Хельсинки! Просто сказка 🙂

В феврале же Muse объявили концерт в Риге, через день после Хельсинки. Не задумываясь, я купила билет ещё на предпродаже для членов фан клуба. Потому что только в мечтах бывают два концерта Muse подряд!

Дальше было достаточно нервное время, т.к. пришлось просить некоторых университетских преподавателей перенести экзамены, писать все работы на много раньше дэдлайнов, а ещё моя любимая бабушка умерла за три недели до первого концерта.

Но не смотря на все трудности, мы решились поехать.