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How could it be Nirika’s personal blog without Muse in it?

This March I am celebrating TEN years of being a pwoper Muser. It all started when I accidentally saw a street advertisement with three handsome British guys in suits (“they look so interesting”) and  one acquaintance with a really good music taste said that she is going to their concert, so I decided to check them. The first song I listened to was their cover on Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, and gosh, I totally fell in love with Muse… And now it’s been ten years, four concerts, and nine thousand scrobbled songs on Itunes only.

Tallinn trip number 394844757


Last week I visited Tallinn for… thirty-something’th time. I really can’t count how many times I have been there!

From the first minutes I felt like I’ve never left this place, like all the things that happened since my last trip in December never took place.

It is really a long story why I LOVE Tallinn, and it obviously requests a separate blog post, so let me share what places I visited and what I did during my stay.

NYX Lingerie review

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I am madly in love with my new NYX Lingerie eyeshadows! They add such a magic, I even enjoyed myself being without glasses (which is a very rare thing). These eyeshadows are a very good addition even to a simple daily makeup, not to mention how amazing they would look in a full evening makeup! The only thing is that one should master how to put them on, as these eyeshadows are liquid and quick-drying. Yet, after I used them once, I do not know how to return to my daily nude eyeshadows 😀


And what are your NYX favorites?

Valentine’s Day

Makeup // Skincare, Personal entries

Hello everybody!

Valentine’s Day has just passed. I really like this holiday, and for me it is a day of Love in all its forms and variations, not just a boy’s and a girl’s thing. Love is everything, and it is beautiful.

Never in my life have I felt myself alone or loveless on the Valentine’s – I have my family, my amazing friends, the things I love with all my heart, so why should I ask for some silly presents from a secret admirer just to make other girls envy?

On the morning I opened my postbox and found a letter from Estonia with a Valentine’s card from my best friend. I was so enormously happy and surprised, especially when I read it! This really made my day, and I am still constantly looking on the card on my nightstand.

Мэри Энн Шеффер, Энни Бэрроуз “Клуб любителей книг и пирогов из картофельных очистков”


Делюсь своими впечатлениями о вчера прочитанной книге Мэри Энн Шеффер и Энни Бэрроуз “Клуб любителей книг и пирогов из картофельных очистков” (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society).

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Книга невероятно лёгкая и прекрасно подходит для чтения в зимний вечер, укутавшись в плед с чашкой чая в руке. Роман написан в эпистолярном жанре и представляет собой цикл писем главных героев.