October Top-3 for new tech girls

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Today on Riga TechGirls’ blog not about pumpkins and scary costumes, but about how not to be scared of coding and learning new things. Starting from today we will share useful educational articles, resources, and websites for those wanting to learn technology or polish their IT skills. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and be prepared for something new and cool! And be sure to follow our blog, which I am curating 🙂



Written and edited by Veronika Suhareva.

Pirate Summit adventures

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New post in Riga TechGirls blog: modern Pirates of start-up sea and their adventures at the Pirate Summit. Written and edited by Veronika Suhareva.



Valerija Makijenko for Riga TechGirls

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Let me introduce our second article for Riga TechGirls:
You add a lot of value when working in technology field – an interview with Valerija Makijenko by Evita Lune. Editing and photography by Veronika Suhareva.




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Today I visited Infogr.am office in Old Town Riga for our Riga TechGirls team meet-up.
Just look at this amazing view from the balcony!6F744F72-3222-4808-A247-A69F3C3E2CC5.jpg
Also wanted to say that it’s such an inspiration to work in a community with such amazing people, with whom you share the vision and want to inspire and motivate other girls and women to educate themselves in IT and maybe even step into technology fields. Most important, women should be brave, motivated, curious, and ready to do something new and awesome!
If this seems close to you and your vision, you can find more information about our community, events and workshops on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. Cheers!

Gunita Kulikovska for Riga TechGirls

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So proud to share our first article for Riga TechGirls!
Your tech company is your gym for your personal growth – an interview with Gunita Kulikovsky by Evita Lune. Editing and photography by Veronika Suhareva.